All students wishing to join CAB should:

  • Secure CAB annual prospectus containing Application Form against a payment of Rs. 500.
  • Return the completed Application Form to the Office of the Principal.
  • Take entrance tests and appear in interview.
  • Attach transcripts of all previous academic degree to the Application Form.
    Entrance Test
    Students seeking enrolment in CAB are required to submit completed Application Form enclosed in CAB prospectus and take the entrance test on the notified date. The Entrance Test cost is included in the prospectus.

Provisional Admission
Students wishing to join CAB provisionally before the results of their previous examinations are also advised to take Entrance Test. Entrance Test of such students will remain valid if the results of previous examinations are received on or before the last date of admission.

Successful students must pay necessary annual fees and deposits, and register their names within the period given in the academic calendar. Only the remaining seats will be allocated to the candidates on waiting list. No request for registration shall be entertained after closure of admission on the date given in the academic calendar.