Establishment of the Institution

College of Applied Business and Technology previously it was known as College of Applied Business (CAB) founded in 1998, by a group of experienced educationists and professionals is a non-profit institution committed to excellence. BBS was the only program running then.

The college believed that competent and excellent manpower is the pre-requisite for overall development of the nation. Besides, well-versed students with high moral values and in-depth knowledge of subjects will be better placed in the society. They will also find it easier to pursue further education at learning centers of repute. CAB has been applying appropriate module and technique in the teaching curricula so as to make students competent in their fields. The methods such as seminars, research and industrial observation tours that are regular features of the College have been highly successful in enhancing the knowledge and personality of the students. Moreover, the methods applied by CAB have been amply justified by the consistent high success rate achieved by its students in the university final examinations.

Introduction Of BIM Program

In 2001 undergraduate programs of TU: The Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) was added in the institution.

All CAB classes were kept small so as to facilitate better interaction between students and teachers. The maximum enrolment in a class is thirty students. And, the College admits only two sections of thirty each in undergraduate level and above levels. Some fifty full-time and part-time teachers constitute the College Faculty. The teacher-student ratio is thus highly conducive to individually supervised study. Besides, to expose student with the real business world, the College has been supplementing its theoretical classes by introducing professional managers, scholars and other people from different walks of life for guest lectures.

Introduced BBA

As an institution affiliated with Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) and TribhuvanUniversity (TU), CAB has a choice of programs to cater to expectations of students. In 2003 undergraduate programs of TU:  the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) was added this year along with BBS  and BIM still running .

Established International Relationship

CAB  added a new avenue to its students and signed the Transfer Credit Agreement with THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK (SUNY) at PLATTSBURGH. According to this agreement, the CAB students, if they desire, will be able to transfer up to 60 Cr/Hrs to THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK (SUNY) at PLATTSBURGH. This will facilitate CAB students to complete US education in record two years of time.

Introduced B.Sc.CSIT Program

“What makes our college stand out is a clear vision to offer a good value  education that is more personal, relevant, and business-focused. We’re also passionately committed to improving what we do every day, and are open to fresh ideas and new ways of doing things. As an institution we must always move forward.”

We introduced B.Sc.CSIT program in our institute.

We had gained business college status in 1998 and celebrated 13 years in 2011.


College of Applied Business and Technology, previously it was known as College of Applied Business (CAB) has come a long way since 1998. Currently,  Board of Trustees governs CAB, which has all authority to formulate, and/or amend rules and regulations regarding admissions, academic needs and employment. The Principal as executive head is responsible for the daily operation of the institution. The College is liable for things promised by the Principal alone.

Members of Board of Trustees:

1. Mohan Bahadur Pandey
2. Tribendra Raj Pant
3. Ramesh Pandey
4. Prof. Rashindra Prasad Yadav
5. Sudhir Bhakta Shrestha


The goals of CAB are as follows:

  • Making students feel, as members of the community of learners, that they share the values and responsibilities in educational process.
  • Encouraging admission on an equal opportunity basis to students with capacity and motivation to strive for academic excellence.
  • Fostering an educational environment sensitive to the needs of all students and providing facilities that assist students in achieving academic and professional excellence.
  • Providing instructions and conducting research in the areas of business, management and professional field.
  • Pursuing-truth while striving for excellence in teaching and learning, and in creative endeavors.


Our graduates are contributing at the highest levels in their chosen professions.





Class rooms




Top College

CAB is a business college that attracts the most talented students in a region via an application processes.

Qualified Faculties

One of the top priorities of our college is to provide well experienced faculties.

International Relationships

CAB  has good cross relation with State University Of New-York, Plattsburgh and University of Tennessee

Modern Canteen

We boast a modern refurbished self-service canteen to provide quality healthy food to our students.

Student Services

Student Services is the starting point for any questions students may have regarding courses of study.

Well-Equipped Classroom

Well-Equipped Classroom is first approach to quality education. Every Classroom has digital learning facility.

College Location