Students are required to follow the general rules and regulations outlined herein. Any changes regarding these shall be duly notified.


Students must meet a minimum 80% attendance in each subject to be qualified for the final examinations.

Non-credit course

Students must secure at least pass marks in all subjects in the sent-up examinations, including all non-credit courses as offered by the College to appear in the University Examinations.


Students must submit all assignments within the given time. Evaluation will be based on these works and will be counted for sent-up examinations and for other CAB facilities, such as scholarships.

Student identity card

Students must carry college identity cards to produce on demand. In case an identity card is lost, it should be reported to administration immediately for a duplicate copy upon payment of Rs. 200.


Students are required to wear the uniform at all times in the College and formal programs outside the college. The uniform comprises of white shirt, grey trousers, blue blazer coat, a tie with college insignia, and white socks and black leather shoes.


Students indulging in acts against the academic interest and interest of the college are liable to disciplinary actions that may include expulsion or suspension from the college. Such acts may imply the following:

  • Cheating or plagiarism.
  • Forgery, intention to misuse or misuse of college documents/records, or knowingly furnishing false information and flouting college norms.
  • Obstruction or disruption of educational or other functions of the college.
  • Physical abuse of person or property of any member of the college or member of his/her family, or threat of physical abuse.
  • Theft and non-accidental damage of the college property, or property in the possession of, or owned by, a member of the college.
  • Unauthorized entry into, or unauthorized use or misuse of college property.
  • The use, possession or sale of illegal drugs or substances in college premises.
  • Possession or use of arms or explosives in the college premises, or at college function/s.
  • Abusive behavior towards a member of the college community.
  • Defying Principal’s order.