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  CAB offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in the process of its horizontal development in academic program. BBA is a four-year, eight-semester regular course of Tribhuvan University (TU). BBA program is a broad-based cross-functional education in Business, Economics and Information Technology designed to prepare students for much needed advanced middle-level leadership in both private and public sectors of the national and global economy. This undergraduate business course provides opportunity for students to experimental learning by narrowing down the difference between theory and practice. BBA at CAB stresses academic excellence as it strives for continuous improvement in learning. At CAB, students are encouraged to stress on knowledge, technical, interpersonal and experimental skills in the development of managerial decision-making. CAB is a hallmark of excellence in Management education. It has striven to achieve its objectives through various academic activities in the past. The efforts have yielded high dividends to CAB and its students. The university results have been almost cent percent and most significantly, CAB students have been placed in top positions repeatedly. Semester program in CAB has been an examplary experience, because it has blended these programs with regular seminars, project works, and, most notably, with an opportunity to share the experience with the people occupying responsible position in various sectors. Therefore, BBA at CAB is blended with fun and a strive for academic excellence. The four-year BBA program is a regular undergraduate program of TU. Completion of this four-year program fulfils requirement for entry into Master’s Degree of Business Management in all universities the world over. The BBA degree also fortifies students’ chances at obtaining high paying middle-level managerial positions in industrial / business houses. Note: Eligibility for admission in BBA is a minimum of B GPA in Higher Secondary Education Examination (HSEE) or above 60% marks in aggregate in HSEE or PCL in management or equivalent in any other discipline. CAB takes Business Mathematics compulsory for making an applicant eligible. BBA Course Cycle Effective from the Academic Batch of 2021 AD
Code First Semester 15 Cr
ENG 201 English -1 3
MGT 231 Foundation of Business Management 3
ECO 203 Micro Economics for Business 3
MTH 201 Business Mathematics -1 3
IT 231 IT and Applications 3
Second Semester 15
ENG 202 English – II 3
ACC 201 Financial Accounting 3
ECO 204 Macro Economics for Business 2
ECO 205 Seminar on Contemporary Issues of Macro Economics 1
MTH 202 Business Mathematics II 3
IT 232 Database Management System 3
Third Semester 15 Cr
ENG 203 Business Communication 3
STT 201 Business Statistics 3
MGT 232 Leadership and Organizational Behavior 2cr
MGT 233 Seminar in Leadership and Organizational Behavior 1cr
FIN 206 Fundamentals of Finance 3
ACC 202 Cost and Management Accounting 3
Fourth Semester 15 Cr
MGT 234 Legal Environment for Business in Nepal 3
MGT 235 Human Resource Management and Technology 3
SOC 203 Sociology for Business Management 3
MKT 201 Fundamentals of Marketing 3
FIN 207 Financial Management 3
Fifth Semester 15 Cr
MGT 236 Business Environment 3
ACC 204 Taxation and Auditing 3
MGT 205 Operations Management 3
IT 233 Business Information System 3
PSY 202 Psychology 3
Sixth Semester 15 Cr
RCH 201  Business Research Methods 3
FIN 208 Financial Markets & Services 3
SOC 204 Nepalese History and Politics 3
MGT 237 Entrepreneurship & Business Resource Mapping 2
MGT 238 Practicum on Business Plan 1
IT 204 E-Commerce 3
Seventh Semester 15Cr
Specialization 3
Specialization 3
Specialization 3
MGT 239 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 3
PRJ 350 Summer Project 3
Eighth Semester 15 Cr
Specialization 3
Specialization 3
Specialization 3
MGT 240 Strategic Management 3
MGT 350 Internship 3
Cr. Hrs.
First Semester
ENG201: English – I 3
MGT201: Principles of Management 3
ECO 201: Micro Economics 3
MTH201: Business Mathematics – I 3
IT 201: Computer System & IT Applications 3
Second Semester
ENG202: English – II 3
MGT202: Human Resource Management 3
ECO 202: Macro Economics 3
MTH202: Business Mathematics – II 3
IT 202: Introductory Database 3
Third Semester
ENG203: Business Communications 3
STT201: Business Statistics 3
ACC 201: Financial Accounting 3
FIN 201: Business Finance 3
IT 203: Management Information System 3
Fourth Semester
MGT204: Business Law 3
MGT206: Business Environment in Nepal 3
ACC 202: Cost and Management Accounting 3
PSY201: Psychology 3
MKT201: Fundamentals of Marketing 3
Fifth Semester
MGT207: International Business 3
FIN 202: Basic Financial Management 3
MGT205: Fundamentals of Operations Management 3
SOC201: Sociology for Business 3
ACC 203: Corporate Taxation in Nepal 3
Sixth Semester
MGT203: Organizational Behavior 3
MGT210: Enterpreneurship 3
SOC202: Nepalese Society and Politics 3
RCH201: Business Research Methods 3
ITC 206: E – Commerce 3
Seventh Semester
MGT 209: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 3
PRJ 350: Summer Project 3
Banking and Finance (Specialization)
BNK 201: Financial Institutions and Markets 3
BNK 203: Working Capital Managemt 3
BNK 204: Investment Analysis 3
Sales and Marketing Management (Specialization)
MKM 201: Consumer Behavior 3
MKM 202: Marketing Communications 3
MKM 203: Fundamentals of Selling 3
Eighth Semester
MGT 208: Business Strategy 3
Banking and Finance (Specialization)
BNK 202: Financial Derivatives 3
BNK 205: Banking Law and Regulations 3
BNK 207: Treasury Management 3
Sales and Marketing Management (Specialization)
MKM 205: Retail Management 3
MKM 206: Distribution Management 3
MKM 207: Market Research 3
MGT350: Internship 3
Class Hours Summer Timing:                                    Winter Timing: 10:00AM-04:45PM                        10:00AM-04:30PM