CAB follows that teaching methodology which is adopted by many advanced foreign educational institutions. It encourages for self-learning and the role of a teacher has been reduced to that of a facilitator.

  • Fieldwork

CAB students are required to do one field study every week as has been assigned by the subject teacher. The information collected are processed and presented in the class. Therefore, cab students are well-verse in interpersonal communication skills and mass-communication.

  • Seminar

Apart from inter-college seminar organized by Student Council, CAB students are required to give one seminar in each course on topics assigned by course teachers. In the process, a student will be completing at least thirty nine seminars in the four year’s of under-graduation.

  • Research

CAB student should submit at least two research reports to complete BBA degree on topics of their choice. However, a second research will also be conducted in the seventh semester on the topic of applied research.

Unit test at least 5      20 marks

  • 1 test of very short-answer questions in 40 minutes.
  • 2 tests of short-answer questions in 60 minutes.
  • 2 tests of comprehensive questions in 1:20 hours.

Assignment/s  15 marks

  • Note preparation of the chapter under subject teacher’s supervision.
  • Project and fieldwork assignment
  • Handwritten note of the chapter to be submitted on next day of completion of the chapter at 10:30 am.
  • Project report on prescribed form on the stipulated date at 10:30 am

Presentation/s      15 marks

  • Should be prepared for presentation in any day and time as scheduled by the teacher.
  • Marking will based on quality of power point, body language, style of presentation and alertness

Attendance     10 marks

  • Cancellation of course registration for attendance below 80%
  • 2 marks for attendance above 85% and below 90%
  • 5 marks for attendance above 90% and below 95%
  • 10 marks for attendance above 95%
  • Sickness and any other excuses will not be entertained.

Sent up Examination        40 marks

  • Sent up examination for 40 marks will be administered in three phases at the end of semester as given in calendar.
  • 5 tests of very short-answer questions completed in 20 minutes.
  • 2 tests of short-answer questions completed in 30 minutes.
  • 1 tests of comprehensive question completed in 1:20 hours
  • Student must secure 18 marks to pass in sent up examination.

Sufficient time for the last hours of study will be provided in between the examinations.