College of Applied Business

Gangahity, Chabahil, Kathmandu

Notice for Final Practical Examination, September 2018

This is to notify that the final practical examinations of classes BIM 2nd, 6th, BBA 2nd  and 6th semesters  has been scheduled as below from Monday 8th October 2018 onwards.


Program / Semester Date (Time)
Computer Security and Cyber Law BIM VI October 8th Monday 11:00 am
Structure Programming BIM II October 9th Tuesday 7:00 am
E-Commerce BBA VI October 9th Tuesday 9:00 am
Data Communication and Computer Networks BIM II October 9th Tuesday 11:00 am
Software Engineering BIM VI October 9th Tuesday 12:30 pm
Introductory to Database BBA II October 9th Tuesday 03:00 pm
  • The students should come 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time and bring their
Lab‐sheets and Report.
  • The students should be in proper uniform.